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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy pages for the websites of
DISCO International, Inc.

Who we are

DISCO International, Inc. (“DI”), the owner and operator of the DI family of websites listed below, is a New York based United States subsidiary of its parent company DISCO Inc. http://www.disc.co.jp/en/, which parent company is located in Japan.
DI is the company that owns and operates the following websites:

  • www.discointer.com (DISCO International Corporate Website, “DIC”), which is DI’s main corporate website that primarily contains information concerning DI’s corporate operations, businesses, press releases, and career opportunities.
  • www.applyesl.com (ApplyESL.Com, “AESL”), which is DI’s website primarily focused on assisting international applicants who are seeking to study abroad via ESL programs in both North America and the United Kingdom. ApplyESL.com includes an option for applicants benefit from a “Do-It-Yourself Study Abroad” ESL school search and application submission functionality.

The websites above shall be referred to herein collectively as the “DI Sites.”

Purpose of DI’s Terms of Use

DI’s Terms of Use describes the binding terms and conditions you are agreeing to be bound by as a condition to initially access and, thereafter, to continue accessing the DI Sites.

Purpose of DI’s Privacy Policy

DI’s Privacy Policy describes how DI treats the personally identifiable information that is collected about you (or as may be provided to us from other business about you) when you access the DI Sites.


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