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Additional Terms of Use

Welcome to the Additional Terms of Use pages for / ApplyESL.Com, (“AESL”). These pages describe the additional binding terms and conditions you are agreeing to be bound by as a condition to initially access and, thereafter, to continue accessing the applicable DI Sites. If you do not agree with these Additional Terms of Use do not access the applicable DI Sites. Nothing herein shall be deemed to limit or reduce the scope of the General Terms of Use for the DI Sites.



These Additional Terms of Use Apply to / ApplyESL.Com, which is DI’s website primarily focused on assisting international applicants who are seeking to study abroad via ESL programs in both North America and the United Kingdom. includes an option for applicants benefit from a “Do-It-Yourself Study Abroad” ESL school search and application submission functionality.

Registered User Services

AESL provides registered users the added benefit of access and use of portions of AESL that are not made generally available to all users of AESL. If you would like to access and use such registered users services, please register for AESL by clicking on the following link:

Optional Information and Functionality

AESL provides registered users the added benefit of the access and use of certain portions of AESL that are not generally available to all users. Furthermore, you understand and agree that certain portions of AESL may require additional optional information from users to ensure such areas efficiently function and in the event you decline to furnish such additional optional information those portions of AESL may not efficiently function or may not function at all.

Saved Applications

AESL provides registered users the added benefit of saving their application data for each incomplete application registered users start filling out for a period of two (2) weeks so they may return to complete such applications at any time during such period. As a courtesy, AESL will send a reminder to registered users about incomplete applications prior to the end of such two (2) week period. However, it shall be the registered users sole and exclusive responsibility to pay attention to each applications’ filing deadline and to ensure all applications are completed and submitted in accordance with such deadline. AESL will deactivate each application following its deadline.

Submitted Applications

AESL provides registered users the added benefit reviewing all applications submitted for a period of up to one (1) year following the submission via AESL’s “Application To-Do List” feature, but in no event shall such review period extend beyond one (1) year after the start date of the applicable course. Although schools accepting applications and non-registered users who submit applications via AESL shall not have access to AESL’s “Application To-Do List” feature, those users shall have the benefit of reviewing applications during the same time period as set forth above for registered users via a unique hyperlink for each application, which hyperlinks will be automatically sent by AESL to those users upon the submission of each application.

Registered User Q&A

AESL provides registered users the added benefit of access and use of individual Q&A functionality via each registered users’ custom account page. As a courtesy reminder, AESL reminds all users that the Q&A information, including the registered user’s “user name,” may be shared with all AESL users on our public pages. You agree that AESL may select any Q&A information from the individual Q&A portion of AESL, which AESL may deem to be of interest to other AESL users, for display via AESL’s public pages. For the avoidance of doubt, all Q&A information furnished by any users shall be deemed to be Postings, as defined in DI’s General Terms of Use.

General School Information and Q&A Information

As a courtesy, DI would like to remind all users that DI’s General Terms of Use apply to AESL. For example, with respect to the general information, public forums, Q&A information and similar interactive features of AESL, DI would like to remind you that the DI Sites include facts, views, opinions and recommendations of individuals and organizations deemed of interest. DI and its Content licensors are not giving you personal, financial, or professional advice. DI and its Content licensors do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of, or otherwise endorse, these views, opinions and recommendations or advocate any personal or business decision by you. Users should always seek the assistance of an experienced professional for advice on their personal, financial, and business decisions.

These AESL Additional Terms of Use were last updated on January 1st 2014


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